Cynthia Miller – Monroe, LA

Throughout the day I would hear the words of the songs playing over and over in my mind. Meditating on these words and considering what they really meant changed my attitude, reactions, and interactions. I constantly reminded myself that my circumstances are not about me, but Christ who lives in me. I was less quick to be selfish, disagreeable, or complaining about my situations and circumstances. I am determined to allow God to work in areas of my life that are hard places for me.

This study of God’s Word has been a great time of fellowshipping and sharing with others. It has been wonderful to hear what God is doing in the lives of my fellow sisters in the Lord. As Paul the author of Philippians said, “…being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”

Director of Word2Life

David Baldwin – Dallas, TX

Many years ago I began hiding God’s Word in my heart out of obedience to the Scriptures. Since that time I’ve followed with interest dozens of approaches to Scripture memory. One which I recently reviewed I foundprofoundly powerful and unlike any I’ve seen before: The Bible Study in Stereo (TBSIS).

TBSIS not only makes memorizing entire chapters of the Bible attainable for almost anyone, it further enhances encounters with God’s Word by including the additional components of study and meditation. The idea of so closely aligning Scripture memory, study, and meditation is the central unique aspect I’ve seen in no other material. There are huge benefitsthat flow from this distinctive approach of TBSIS. Any individual or group who seriously uses this wonderful tool to study and ponder the Scriptures will find that the Word will go deep into their hearts and experience its life transforming power!

Author of God’s Priceless Woman and Spell to Write and Read 
Wanda Sanseri – Portland, OR

I memorized a hundred verses my first year as a new Christian. That was one of the most beneficial things I have ever done in my spiritual life. Verses that I learned 35 years ago have flashed before me at crucial times to encourage, convict, correct or guide me. Consequently I have desired to master whole chapters that I can recite from memory, but I struggled to do so successfully. Then I heard about The Bible Study in Stereo. Once or twice a day I followed the words to James 1 as I sang along. Within a week or two I could sing the whole chapter without even looking.

The study notes have helped me to meditate on the verses that I am implanting into my heart. Now I often wake up with Scripture on my mind. I have been so blessed by this quality product. The Bible Study in Stereo has given me joy and answered a deep need in my life. Thank you.

Director of Women’s Ministries for Greater Portland Bible Church 
Joyce Wachsmuth – Portland, OR

Our women did the The Bible Study in Stereo for the first time last spring, and it was so exciting to see women memorizing and meditating on the Word of God. Personally, it was life changing as the words that I was singing became active in my thoughts and actions throughout the day. I really believe that our spiritual growth is dependent upon how much time and focus we spend on the Word of God. I highly recommend this curriculum, and I am looking forward to doing another chapter in Philippians this spring!

Sam DuVal – Alpine, CA

Just finished my study and was thinking what a blessing it has been. I can’t believe that this has not been done before. It truly is a blessing. We can’t wait for the next one. We are 2 weeks from our “party,” but want to have the new study so we don’t have a week without it.

I personally want to thank you (and the Lord!) for this study. It’s the first time I’ve ever memorized this many verses. I wake in the middle of the night and they are “playing” in my head. May God continue to bless your ministry.

Alisa Varga – Lake Oswego, OR

Me, memorize Scripture? No way, maybe you, but not me. Those were my thoughts as I began the Colossians 3 Bible study. I did a little of the study each morning and then put the CD in my Walkman for my afternoon walk. Before I knew it, I could sing every word! The best part, though, was the change that occurred in my heart. As I saturated myself in God’s Word through study and song, its meaning became more clear. The result was that the Lord was then able to make needed changes in my life. The Holy Spirit still brings His Word back to mind when I start to go off track.

Susan Stephens – Lakeland, FL

I am doing your study on Ephesians 4 and I am overjoyed with the study and its concept. Scriptures are on my lips or in my mind continuously! The study questions, on the surface, seem readily answered with short clips of Scripture, and perhaps some respond as such. I, however, have found myself increasingly wanting to “give flesh” to my answers. The result being that I am forced to define my faith and my Spiritual walk. I am in my late 50s and no novice to Bible study, having done all but the latest of Beth Moore’s studies and Experiencing God, etc. Your study, however, has touched me very personally, both by the music and the depth of the seemingly simple questions. Thank you for following your God-given talent and passion, and may God continue to bless you through this ministry.

Miriam Lacy – Tualatin, OR

I believe women want a deeper understanding of God in order to infuse their lives with joy and peace. Meditating on God’s Word is the only way I know to achieve this goal. The Bible Study in Stereo allows individuals the opportunity to study and memorize God’s Word using their sight and hearing. They then memorize God’s word easily while they sing and make those words come alive in study. The permanent impact is evident in the lives of the people who complete The Bible Study in Stereo.

Lorraine Huntsman – Independence, KY

Twenty-one years ago I attended my first women’s Bible study. Since then I have been involved with prominent Bible studies through various women’s ministries at home and by myself. The Bible Study in Stereo has been unique for two reasons.

For one, there has been application daily. I could feel God’s Holy Spirit moving in my life! Secondly, there have been applications months later. Because the verses are memorized and meditated upon, verses from God’s precious Word “pop out” many months after the study is over to encourage me to change my life.

If you want just to gain head knowledge, this may not be the study for you. If you want to see fruit in your life like never before, then The Bible Study in Stereo is like finding a precious jewel.